Thought Leader Interviews

Nominate a Histology Thought Leader

Nominate a Histology Thought Leader

Do you or any of your friends/colleagues have interesting stories to share about histology or have thoughtful ideas on the future of the field? Aquaro Biosystems is continuing its Histology Thought Leaders series, and we are looking for histotechs, lab managers, and pathologists to interview.

We are interested in speaking with people in any area of histology – clinical, pharma or other research, veterinary, teaching, and more. We’d be happy to speak with experts on a variety of topics, from the day-to-day to a very specific area.

Join Joelle Weaver, Leslie Hackert, Kathy Hardy, and René Buesa in speaking with us about your career or another topic you are passionate about.

If you or a friend would be a great candidate to be featured as a Histology Thought Leader, let us know by sending us a note with the nominee’s name, email address, and a reason for nominating this person (or yourself!).

Want to see how the ASM works in person? Contact us to see when we will be in your area.