Thought Leader Interviews

Happy Histotechnology Professionals Day!

Today is Histotechnology Professionals Day! Thank you to all of the histotechs, lab managers, and others working in histology. Whether you are responsible for patient biopsies for diagnosis, animal tissue for drug testing, or research samples, your profession is extremely important to every person’s health. We appreciate your dedication to your job, your attention to detail, and your commitment to doing your best for the patient every day (not to mention your early hours!).

NSH has some great activities to celebrate Histotechnoogy Professionals Day on their website. We also thought you’d enjoy reading about your colleagues’ perspectives on histology. We’ve had the pleasure of speaking with some really great histotechs, some of our conversations are below – enjoy!

Interview with Histotech Joelle Weaver on Process Improvements and the Future of Standardization Interview with Histotech Leslie Hackert on Lab Safety and Clinical Versus Veterinary Histology Interview with Histotech Kathy Hardy on histology in clinical versus research settings, why histotechs are superstitious, and what makes a great microtome blade. Interview with Rene Buesa on the Field of Histology, the Future of Histology, and Tips for Lab Managers
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