Aquaro Wishbone™ microtome blade handling tool

Aquaro Wishbone™ microtome blade handling tool


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The NEW Aquaro Wishbone is our first product developed and made available to you to make microtomy safer. This new tool allows you to insert and align microtome blades as well as remove and dispose of them without ever touching the blade. This helps you avoid the risk of an injury.

Nicks and cuts are common when handling microtome blades, and a misaligned blade can result in cutting a partial section and losing tissue. While no product can remove all risk of injury, when used as directed, the Aquaro Wishbone lessens that risk significantly.

The NEW Aquaro Wishbone blade handling tool is designed to:

  • Slide blades into the microtome blade holder
  • Apply equal pressure to both ends of the blade for level alignment
  • Remove dull blades from the blade holder using the embedded magnet
  • Safely dispose of the blade

Watch a video on how the Aquaro Wishbone is used

Make microtomy safer for your lab with the Aquaro Wishbone – order today!

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