Aquaro Biosystems Completes Successful Beta Tests at Two Major Pharmaceutical Companies

External tests demonstrate the value of the Aquaro ASM in improving histology laboratory efficiency, increasing slide quality and consistency, and enhancing laboratory ergonomics

Watch the Aquaro ASM Video Ann Arbor, MI: Aquaro Biosystems, an innovator of devices to streamline the histology workflow, announced that it has completed successful beta tests of the Aquaro ASM™ section mounting system at two major pharmaceutical companies. The Aquaro ASM Section Mounting System is the first benchtop instrument to automate the last manual step in the histology workflow: the transfer of paraffin-embedded tissue sections directly from microtomes to glass slides.

The external beta tests allowed histology labs at two pharmaceutical companies to utilize the Aquaro ASM in their workflow and test with multiple tissue types. Users noted that the Aquaro ASM would improve laboratory efficiency by allowing users to complete other tasks while the Aquaro ASM cuts, floats, and mounts sections. Additionally, users predicted that one histotech could operate multiple microtomes and Aquaro ASMs at once, further increasing their productivity. Slide quality and consistency would also be improved by providing greater regularity of section placement over traditional manual section mounting.

“We are very excited about the results of these beta tests,” said Aquaro Biosystems CEO Alberto Elli. “The users at the major research centers of these two pharmaceutical companies verified the Aquaro ASM’s value proposition of improved laboratory efficiency, increased slide quality, and enhanced laboratory ergonomics. These results demonstrated the Aquaro ASM’s readiness for commercialization. We also learned that the quality and consistency of slides generated by the Aquaro ASM is very encouraging in enhancing the field of 3D pathology, where any contamination or inconsistencies in section quality can ruin the model.”

The Aquaro ASM section mounting system attaches directly to microtomes and uses a water channel to gently transfer sections to glass slides. The Aquaro ASM standardizes section preparation by precisely placing sections on slides and giving the user control over section de-wrinkling parameters (water temperature and time on warm water). Programs can be defined for serial sectioning or for taking sections at different levels.

The Aquaro ASM is designed to improve laboratory efficiency and standardize section placement, addressing the last remaining manual bottleneck in the histology process. It increases sample throughput by automating what is currently a manual process.

About Aquaro Biosystems: Aquaro Biosystems is an Ann Arbor, MI-based company that develops user-centric products to streamline the histology workflow. The company is currently working on various histology products that will integrate into its Aquaro ASM suite. For more information, or to contact us, please visit

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