Aquaro Biosystems Introduces Aquaro ASM™ Section Mounting System at 2014 National Society for Histotechnology Annual Convention

New Histology Instrument Enables Hands-Free Sectioning Mounting

Ann Arbor, MI: Aquaro Biosystems introduced its Aquaro ASM section mounting system, a product developed to streamline the histology workflow, at the National Society for Histotechnology Annual Convention in Austin, TX. The Aquaro ASM is the first benchtop instrument to automate the transfer of paraffin-embedded tissue sections directly from microtomes to glass slides.

Aquaro ASM Histology Section Mounting System

“We were very pleased with the positive feedback we received about the Aquaro ASM from histotechs and lab managers. Many people were surprised and excited that section mounting could be automated with such an easy-to-use and easy-to-integrate system. They couldn’t wait to try the Aquaro ASM in their labs,” commented Nolan Orfield, Ph.D., Engineering Manager and Co-Founder of Aquaro Biosystems.

The Aquaro ASM section mounting system, which attaches directly and easily to microtomes, uses a water channel to gently transfer sections to glass slides. Employing a user-informed engineering approach with direct feedback from histotechs in research and clinical labs, the following key benefits of the Aquaro ASM were realized:

  • Precise section placement on slides
  • Optimal section de-wrinkling (via controllable time & water temperature)
  • Cuts and mounts sections serially or at different levels

The Aquaro ASM is designed to improve efficiency and standardize section placement, addressing the remaining bottleneck and cost differentiator in the histology process. It increases sample throughput without the time or cost of an additional histotech, automating what is currently a manual process and subject to human error.

About Aquaro Biosystems: Aquaro Biosystems is an Ann Arbor, MI-based company that develops user-centric products to streamline the histology workflow. The company is currently working on various histology products that will integrate into its Aquaro ASM suite. For more information, or to contact us, please visit

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