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The Un-Automatable Attributes of Histologists: Decision Making, Planning, and Resourcefulness

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The Un-Automatable Attributes of Histologists: Decision Making, Planning, and Resourcefulness

The word “automation” can be intimidating, especially when used to describe a task you do every day in your career. For many people, automation conjures up images of robots stealing jobs. Histologists have expressed similar worries when talking about the …

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Increase Your Histology Lab Production Without Decreasing Your Sanity

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The pressure for histology lab production to become more efficient is growing every year. Budgets are decreasing, reimbursement is changing, and finding qualified histologists is becoming more difficult as their numbers decrease. These are trends that are likely to continue …

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Successful Beta Tests at Two Pharmaceutical Companies

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The Aquaro team wrapped up a busy 2016 with successful beta tests of the Aquaro ASM section mounting system at two major pharmaceutical companies. The extensive tests demonstrated the Aquaro ASM’s value in: improving laboratory efficiency, increasing slide quality and …

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What is Next-Gen Automation for Histology Labs?

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Advance for Administrators of the Lab recently hosted an interesting webinar, “Total Lab Automation in Today’s Clinical Microbiology Lab: A Buyer’s Perspective” that surveyed one total lab automation (TLA) system that was installed in a clinical microbiology lab. The lab …

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Reducing Contamination In the Histology Workflow

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Contamination of histology slides can be a major issue. The biggest risk of contamination is misdiagnosis. It can also decrease productivity and increase cost of diagnosis if the contamination is caught and necessitates a recut. Studies have estimated it occurs …

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Taking More Histology Sections (Part 2): The Cost

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Our last post presented evidence that taking histology sections at deeper levels can improve diagnosis and treatment. The decision to standardize the practice of taking increased numbers of levels must take into account whether outcomes are improved enough to incur …

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The Case for Taking More Histology Sections (Part 1): The Evidence

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When sending tissue biopsies for histological processing, many institutions and laboratories order histology sections from few or only one level(s), and request additional deeper sections only if the pathologist is unable to diagnose from the initial section(s). Though this practice …

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New White Paper: Automating the Histology Workflow

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Pressure is on the rise in histology labs, but with automated technologies labs can reduce costs, shorten turnaround times, and improve lab and patient safety. Did you know that for most labs…? By employing automated equipment in just two steps …

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