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Aquaro Biosystems is Growing!

General Team

The past few months have brought about many changes for Aquaro Biosystems. We’ve made many developments on the Aquaro ASM to provide more consistent and high-quality sections. We’ve also added a number of strong new team members that are excited …

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See Aquaro Biosystems’ Poster Presented at NSH 2016

General histology automation, PaceSetter

The Aquaro Biosystems team attended the 42nd Annual NSH Symposium/Convention in Long Beach, CA last month. The team talked to over 100 histotechs that were excited to learn about the Aquaro ASM, many of whom were excited to test it …

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How Can Histology Labs Prevent Diagnostic Error?

General diagnostic errors, histology, medical errors

A recent report published in The BMJ by researchers at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine states that medical errors are now the third leading cause of death in the U.S. This translates to over 250,000 deaths a year due …

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Happy Histotechnology Professionals Day!

General histotechnology

I’ve met many histotechs over the past couple years, and with every one that I meet I am more and more impressed with the field of histology. I wanted to use Histotechnology Professionals Day as an opportunity to express how …

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Will Lab Automation Replace Your Job? No!

General efficient histology labs, histology automation, PaceSetter

When we’ve exhibited the Aquaro ASM at various histotechnology conferences, a few people always react to our video with, “It’s going to replace my job!” Most of these histotechs then laugh it off and say something like, “but this device …

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Standardization of Specimen Preparation for IHC: Fixation, Microtomy, and Staining

General histology standardization, IHC, immunohistochemistry

An article in the January 2016 issue of CAPToday, “Rebooting IHC for Companion Diagnostics” caught my eye as it discusses the reasons why immunohistochemistry (IHC) is not ready for prime time in diagnosing patients for personalized medicine. The article was …

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Optimizing Histology Section Preparation: De-wrinkling Parameters

General efficient histology labs, histology process improvements, histology standardization, section de-wrinkling

Histotechs frequently report that how sections are handled before they are mounted onto slides varies from person to person, even if they are handling the same tissue type. Some histotechs float sections for longer times at lower temperatures, while some …

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See the Updated Aquaro ASM in a New Video

General histology automation, NSH Symposium, PaceSetter

The Aquaro ASM’s new design and features can now be seen in our new video, debuted at last month’s NSH Annual Symposium/Convention. Watch the video to see the Aquaro ASM’s new design, and learn how it: De-wrinkles sections with programmable …

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Section De-wrinkling: High or Low Temperatures?

General histology sections, histology standardization, PaceSetter, PaceSetter operating parameters, section de-wrinkling

One of the benefits of using the Aquaro ASM to float and mount sections is that it provides precise control over the water temperature and time for section dewrinkling. Before sections are mounted onto slides by the Aquaro ASM, they …

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Headed to the NSH Annual Symposium/Convention?


The NSH 41st Annual Symposium/Convention is just over a month away. We are happy to be exhibiting again, and especially excited to announce our Aquaro ASM workshop! Learn more about the Aquaro ASM and Aquaro Biosystems at these two events: …

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Want to see how the ASM works in person? Contact us to see when we will be in your area.