Meet Us in St Louis: Demo the Aquaro ASM and Aquaro Wishbone, See Our Whole Slide Imaging Poster

General NSH Symposium

Meet Us in St Louis: Demo the Aquaro ASM and Aquaro Wishbone, See Our Whole Slide Imaging Poster

If you are headed to the NSH Symposium/Convention in St Louis this month, we would love to meet you. Stop by Booth 717 in the Exhibit Hall. We have a lot going on:

  • See a demo of the Aquaro ASM. We will have an Aquaro ASM ready for demonstration on-demand, so you’ll have a chance to see how it interfaces with motorized microtomes to automatically cut sections, relax them, and mount them onto slides. You’ll also have a chance to play with the control panel to understand how you can select the temperature and time for relaxing sections, the position on the slide to mount the sections, and whether you want to mount sections serially or with multiple levels on the same slide. Lastly, see how the Aquaro ASM twice filters the water used to transfer sections to reduce the instance of floaters on the slides.
  • Try out the Aquaro Wishbone. We’ll have Wishbones available, along with microtome blade holders, so you can see for yourself how you can change and align a blade without ever touching the used or new blade.
  • Play our game to win a FREE Wishbone. Stop by the booth and tell us what you would do around the laboratory if your hands were free to do other things and be entered for a chance to win a free Wishbone. We’ll give away one Wishbone each day.
  • Talk to us about our poster. We’ll be presenting a poster on how the Aquaro ASM can enhance whole slide imaging by reducing debris on slides and providing consistent section placement. See our poster at station P-31, and stop by on Sunday between 10:45 and 12:15 to talk to us about it.

We always enjoy meeting histologists at NSH, and we are excited for this year’s Symposium/Convention. In fact, we made this video to demonstrate how far your arm travels from St. Louis when you use a manual microtome – mileage your arm could certainly do without!

Want to see how the ASM works in person? Contact us to see when we will be in your area.