NSH 2018 Annual Symposium/Convention – A Wrap Up


NSH 2018 Annual Symposium/Convention – A Wrap Up

The NSH Annual Symposium/Convention in St. Louis offered attendees a great opportunity to see the latest science and technologies for the histology laboratory. From the latest molecular techniques to the newest imaging technologies, the advances in the field were on full display.

The poster session was extensive as well, and we at Aquaro Histology presented what turned out to be an award-winning poster on the benefits of using the Aquaro ASM in digital imaging of slides. The precise placement of mounted sections and the constant filtering of reservoir water to remove floaters resulted in image files that were on average 5% smaller than those mounted manually. Over the course of a project, this can save thousands of dollars in storage costs. For a copy of the poster, please click here.

We also demonstrated the Aquaro ASM, our instrument that interfaces with your existing microtome to automate cutting, floating, and mounting histological sections. The ASM was running every hour of the exhibits, and hundreds of attendees were able to assess the instrument and consider where it might fit in their workflow. Use in preparing and mounting control sections was a popular application, as was serial cutting of entire specimens for research projects and toxicity studies.

Many attendees who saw the ASM in action commented on how their IHC labs were getting overwhelmed due to the continued growth of the technique and the need for control sections on each slide. This necessary, but repetitious, task takes up the valuable time of a histologist whose skills and expertise can be better utilized working on patient samples or devising staining strategies. Others saw advantages in preparing slides for molecular techniques such as FISH and for recuts. If you would be interested in a demonstration in your laboratory, click here.

After observing the Aquaro ASM, attendees were given the opportunity to tell us what they would do with the time they would likely save if they implemented the ASM in their workflow with a chance to win an Aquaro Wishbone™, our new blade-handling tool for safer blade changes. The most popular responses were complete paperwork that was usually done in a rush, prepare slides for the pathologist, and prepare special stains. Six Wishbones were given away in random drawings.

Speaking of the Aquaro Wishbone, a blade mounting station was made available to show how to insert, align, and remove microtome blades hands free. Not touching the blade reduces the opportunities for injuries. See a video of how to use the Wishbone here.

It was a very busy and exciting week for everyone attending the symposium in St. Louis. If we didn’t meet you in St. Louis, please visit our website, check out the Aquaro ASM and Wishbone, and request that we contact you. Looking forward to it!


Want to see how the ASM works in person? Contact us to see when we will be in your area.