The Aquaro ASM

Hands-Free Section Mounting For Better Microtomy

The Aquaro ASM interfaces with your existing motorized microtome to mount paraffin-embedded tissue sections onto slides hands-free.

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The Aquaro ASM

Consistent high-quality slides

Increased lab efficiency

Improved work life in the lab

How the Aquaro ASM works

Aquaro ASM Step

1. Before sectioning and mounting, the Histologist programs the Aquaro ASM utilizing an intuitive touch screen.

Aquaro ASM Step

2. The robotic arm selects a slide from the slide rack and places it into the temperature-controlled water basket.

Aquaro ASM Step

3. The Aquaro ASM triggers the microtome to cut a section, once cut, a gentle stream of water detaches the section from the blade and moves the section down the water channel.

Aquaro ASM Step

4. The gentle stream of water orients and transfer the section to the water bath, where the section's wrinkles are relaxed at a temperature and time that is programmed by the user.

Aquaro ASM Step

5. As the slide is retracted by the robotic arm, the section is mounted.

Aquaro ASM Step

6. The robotic arm then places the mounted slide back into the slide rack.

See the Aquaro ASM in Action

Watch the video to learn about the Aquaro ASM™ automated section mounting system.

Or, request a demo. We’ll come to your location to demonstrate how the Aquaro ASM can benefit you in your lab.

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Watch Aquaro ASM Video

Why The Aquaro ASM?

Consistent High-Quality Slides

  • Consistent section thickness
  • Consistent placement of section on slide
  • Reduced contamination

Increased Lab Efficiency

  • Maximize staff resources
  • Improve turnaround time
  • Improve cost-effectiveness

Improved Worklife In the Lab

  • Reduce repetitive-motion injuries
  • Reduce risk of slips and falls
  • Make lab safer for the histologist

How The ASM Provides These Benefits

  • Automated section mounting reduces variability thereby ensuring more consistency and reduced errors.
  • User-programmed water temperature and time in the water provides more consistent sections.
  • Continuous water flow with a double filtration system reduces contamination and provides more consistent sections.
  • Decreased hands-on time allows a histologist to multitask; for example, managing two microtomes at once or focusing on other specialized tasks.
  • Reduced section and mounting errors ensure reduced damage or loss of sample and less recuts which can mean faster turnaround times.
  • Hands-free section mounting reduces the risk of repetitive motion injuries.
  • Reducing excess paraffin on floors can lessen the risk of falls.
  • Both of these lab safety improvements can lead to fewer injury-related work absences and better overall safety in the lab.
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