Brett Williams

Board of Directors Member

Brett is currently the CEO at Verogen Inc. in San Diego. Previously he was the president and CEO at Essen BioScience until business was transacted to Sartorius AG in 2017. Essen BioScience was a life science tools firm focused on development of products for live cell analysis. Prior to Essen BioScience, Brett was at Thermo Fisher Scientific were he was Vice President and General Manager of their Cellular Analysis business in the LSG Group (formerly Life Technologies). The core of the Cellular Analysis business is the Molecular Probes portfolio. Brett has spent 10 years building and transforming the Cellular Analysis business unit from a pure reagents portfolio to a systems business with flow cytometry and imaging (microscopes and high content analysis) instrumentation, as well as, small bench top cell counters and fluorimeters. Brett has a Masters in Applied Science from the Queensland University of Technology in Brisbane Australia, as well as an MBA from the University of Warwick in the United Kingdom.

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