Find out how the Aquaro ASM helps with your control slides and serial sections

Consistent High-Quality Slides

  • Consistent section thickness
  • Consistent placement of section on slide
  • Reduced contamination

Increased Lab Efficiency

  • Maximize staff resources
  • Improve turnaround time
  • Improve cost-effectiveness

Improved Work Life in the Lab

  • Reduce repetitive-motion injuries
  • Reduce risk of slips and falls
  • Make lab safer for the histologist

Introducing the NEW Aquaro Wishbone™

Make blade changes safer

This new tool allows you to remove and dispose of microtome blades as well as insert and align them without ever touching the blade.

The Aquaro Wishbone is designed to:

  • Remove dull blades from the microtome blade holder using the embedded magnet
  • Safely dispose of used blades
  • Insert new blades into the blade holder
  • Apply equal pressure to both ends of the blade for level alignment

The Aquaro Wishbone – making microtomy safer for you

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